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links for 2011-03-07

  • Recently, The Font Feed counted up the top ten fonts used by book design winners (via). Here are the main contenders:

    1. Minion
    2. ITC New Baskerville
    3 & 4. FF Scala and FF Scala Sans
    5. Adobe Garamond

    All of these fonts are clean and sophisticated—unlike that bane of font-philes, Comic Sans, which to many designers screams “amateur.” In fact, the font is so reviled that there’s even a website devoted to it: bancomicsans.com

  • In response to my post about making SharePoint not look like SharePoint, Mike asked where the figure I quoted came from. He said:

    "I would also like to see you cite your source for the statistic you quoted. The problem with statistics is that anyone can toss them out but unless you fully understand the context they are meaningless. Just because a company does spend extra on SharePoint customizations doesn’t mean that it was needed in order to make the solution work. Many companies find value in small things (such as branding) that others may think was a waste of money. This should not reflect negatively on the tool or be used to scare people away from implementing it."

    My Comments
    1. Honestly, I didn't know it where it came from – I had read it last year, seen it in a couple of reports, but never followed up on it. Here's what I found.

    2. It's a Microsoft number. A ComputerWorld article about SharePoint from April 2010


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