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links for 2011-02-24

  • This year, the focus is on how governments and nonprofits can leverage the new custom map design studio (TileMill) from MapBox to address public policy challenges. It is an especially interesting story given the increasing demand for custom maps for websites, web services, and mobile applications.
  • So I began looking for pairs in the core sets of fonts that all graphic designers have on their computers—that install with the Apple operating system, Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Office. When I couldn’t find a list on the web, I started experimenting.

    I set the following parameters: the typefaces had to be in the three core sets, and have a least four weights (regular, bold, italic, and bold italic). To make a good pair I looked for similar letter shapes, x-heights, stroke weights, and “feel.” I found over 20 pairs, but there isn’t enough room to include them all. I’m only posting 10. On the first line the letters may appear to be the same size because their sizes have been adjusted to make comparison easier.


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