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links for 2011-02-23

  • The renewable organization is optimized for long-term growth and the health of all entities involved, including shareholders, employees and customers. For this reason, in the renewable enterprise:

    1. Documentation is a proactive customer care channel.
    2. Documentation meets the growing demand for self-service support.
    3. Documentation authors are respected communications experts.

    Because the over-arching goal is to build customer loyalty, documentation authored for the renewable organization:

    * Reflects the state of the product as it exists on the day it is READ.
    * Includes knowledge gained through actual customer usage.
    * Builds marketplace credibility for the product and the brand.

  • “Governance? Process? Yuck, nasty words!”

    Those are the actual opening words I used in an introductory email to O’Reilly Media business leaders whom I was inviting to participate in an important new process. What I was introducing had the potential to become antagonistic bureaucracy and could seriously backfire. So I was treading carefully but knew I had to move forward to enable our desired IT transformation and sustainable on-going effective operations.

    But let’s step back and understand the origin of my motivation for this new process.

    As an IT leader, do these statements sound familiar? Demand for IT capacity far exceeds the ability for the IT team to deliver. Everyone who makes a request considers theirs to be a priority and wants it done as soon as possible. There’s considerable frustration from requesters that their work is not getting addressed or has been put on-hold to address other priorities. The IT team is highly stressed, lacks direction, and morale is low.


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