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links for 2011-01-06

  • Erica Friedman a “Social Media Optimizer”, Publisher at ALC Publishing, President of Yuricon says that the essentials are your name and contact info. But adds that there’s a good case for having different sigs for different purposes. “For the longest time I signed off here with a full signature file, but after a while, decided it wasn’t really meaningful,” she told me. “Each email I have has a different signature, since I use them for different purposes. So, I guess I’m saying there is no one right way. Chopping and changing won’t hurt, as long as you have your name, and a way to contact you.”
  • Back in November, we were one of the first to report that Google had sued the US government after the Department of the Interior had put out a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for an upgraded email system that stated upfront that the solution had to be based on Microsoft. Google, who had been talking to the Interior Department about using its own solution, had received promises that the RFQ would not be biased towards Microsoft — and thus were shocked when it wasn't just biased towards Microsoft, but restricted only to Microsoft.

    In the first phase of the lawsuit, it appears that Google has made a compelling enough case that the judge has issued an injunction, preventing the DOI from moving forward with the email upgrade.

  • Investor and regulator demands have propelled organizations throughout the world to implement enterprise risk management (ERM) programs for more effective risk management. But while an ERM program can help an enterprise better organize its risk-related activities, it is not, in itself, enough to embed a thoughtful, sustainable consideration of risk into the organization’s key decision-making processes.

    “Risk Intelligent Enterprise Management: Running the Risk Intelligent EnterpriseTM”, describes how a Risk Intelligent approach to enterprise management can help take ERM to the next level. Risk Intelligent enterprise management treats risk management as an integral part of managing the enterprise’s strategy and operations, not as a separate, siloed process. This can enable an organization to make Risk Intelligent choices that expose the enterprise to just the “right” amount of risk needed to pursue value creation.

  • Understanding accessibility requires an awareness of the special needs of multiple user groups, including people with disabilities and mature users with age-related disabilities. A person with a disability may encounter one or more barriers that can be eliminated or minimized by the software or Web developer, the assistive technology, or the underlying operating system software and hardware platform.

    The four main categories of disabilities are visual, hearing, mobility, and cognitive.

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