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links for 2011-01-05

  • There are many professional accounts of what the ROI of social media is, and though experts may agree or disagree on specific components of analytics, we can all agree that we’re still waiting for a tool to measure those aspects for us.

    Wish List:

    At Bailey Gardiner when we embarked on our tool research, we began by outlining our wish list:
    # Capabilities to choose from multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Location-Based Services (LBS), news sites, etc.)
    # A dashboard displaying the name of each social platform with relevant and accurate stats (Google analytics, fans, followers, @replies, keyword mentions, LBS check-ins, link click-throughs, etc.)
    # Graphing capabilities
    # Keyword searches to show our clients’ share of voice
    # Filtering capabilities when the keyword search picks up irrelevant searches
    # Screen grabs of tweets and Facebook posts

  • I can tell you how_ you_ can read Epub on your Kindle. I used Ibis Reader, a browser based Epub reading app. It currently only supports DRM free Epub, and it requires an active web connection, but it might be useful to you.

    Here’s how I did it

    Visit the Ibis Reader website and create an account. Find a bunch of the free ebooks you’d like to read and add them to your bookshelf. You’re going to want to do this from your computer because the process will go a lot faster.

    Open the browser on your Kindle. Go to the Ibis Reader website (ibisreader.com) and login. Open one of the ebooks.

  • That brings me to the first important nugget of information. I really do appreciate that you are a special unique snowflake. I appreciate that your website is too, as it's a reflection of you and your business or at the very least, your hard work on behalf of an employer. But to someone on the outside looking in, whether a computer security person looking at the problem to try and help you or even the attacker himself, it is very likely that your problem will be at least 95% identical to every other case they've ever looked at.

    Don't take the attack personally, and don't take the recommendations that follow here or that you get from other people personally. If you are reading this after just becoming the victim of a website hack then I really am sorry, and I really hope you can find something helpful here, but this is not the time to let your ego get in the way of what you need to do.

    You have just found out that your server(s) got hacked. Now what?


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