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links for 2010-12-25

  • Vim has offered built-in support for file encryption for a long time, as long as it is built with the cryptv compilation option. This made working with encrypted files incredibly easy and transparent — almost entirely unnoticeable, in fact. Unfortunately, Vim file encryption suffered one major problem: it used PkZip compatible encryption, which is not the strongest encryption available.

    As of Vim version 7.3, the editor now supports Blowfish encryption.

  • “Shellee Hale has worked with companies as a business and management consultant for over twenty years. As a Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (ATAB) and a Licensed Private Investigator with a focus on Cyber Security she participates as a member of Infragard and uses her skills to help individuals, corporations, and law enforcement on a variety of issues and cases.”

    I felt this was a perfect opportunity for me to get a different perspective on IT security. Ms. Hale was kind enough to share her thoughts by answering the following questions:

    TechRepublic: During our conversations, you mentioned how your interest in IT security started. Could you share that with the readers, along with why your company is named Camandago?


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