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links for 2010-11-26

  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Announces Steps to Bring 9-1-1 into 21st Century

    FCC has announced that it plans to upgrade the capabilities of the 9-1-1 emergency system by allowing texting, video streaming and data sharing as part of the National Broadband Plan's Next Generation 9-1-1. Many people, particularly those with disabilities, depend on texting as their primary means of communication. In some emergency situations — especially in circumstances where a call could further jeopardize someone’s life and safety — texting is the only way to reach out for help.

  • The very first Web Font Awards were held at the Future of Web Design (Web Design) conference last week. The Web Font Awards ceremony was the first of its type (get it?) to celebrate the emerging world of web typography, and its aim was to highlight and celebrate the best use of type on the web from around the world.

    Users could submit and vote on entries via the Web Font Awards website and at FOWD; a panel of experts debated the merits of the top finalists and declared the winners.

  • Whether you are taking public transport to work, getting coffee in a local café, or shopping for groceries — there are dozens of apps for your mobile phone to help you stay connected to your government and get the latest information. From the Department of Energy's alternative fuel locator to live video streams from the White House, these apps are worth checking out at apps.usa.gov.
  • I’m going to use WordPress.com as the example for this because making a site private and hidden on WordPress.com is just a couple clicks. I’ll talk about how to do this with a self-installed WP setup at the end of the post.

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