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links for 2010-11-14

  • some commonly held beliefs about web accessibility are incorrect. Early this year, Ian Pouncey posted a few other Web accessibility myths.

    Here is a quick roundup of the myths from these two articles.

    From Accessibility myths and misconceptions:

    * Accessibility is just for blind people
    * Accessible websites are ugly and boring
    * Accessibility is expensive and difficult
    * Offering a text-only version is good enough
    * Customisation and read-aloud functionality make a site accessible

    From Web accessibility myths:

    * Validation equals accessibility
    * If it works with a screen reader it is accessible
    * Sites are either accessible or inaccessible
    * Content that isn’t 100% accessible shouldn’t be published

  • Style guides are complements to identity projects. Ranging from simple logo usage tips to full-blown corporate identity style guides, these documents are sometimes asked by clients but should always be provided by the designer, at least in their basic form.
    Designing a style guide can be as simple as putting together a couple of pages of usage examples for the identity designed or as complicated as designing an entire book that covers every possible application of the identity.

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