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links for 2010-10-23

  • Yahoo!'s Accessibility Team created this blog with a single and simple purpose: To reflect the experiences of individuals with disabilities, their families, and the professionals with whom they interact. While Yahoo! is widely known around the world as a technology company, we are first and foremost a company focused on people. So, for example, while our Accessibility Team works everyday to ensure that Yahoo!'s network can be used by everyone—disabled and non-disabled alike—accessibility, itself, is not our goal. Instead, as we see it, accessibility is the means by which we can enhance the Internet experience for all.
  • Many of the policies and much of the training designed to prepare employees to engage safely in social media conversations about company-related matters assume those employees are prepared to express themselves in their own words. It’s not an unreasonable assumption. It may also be wrong.

    Among the key results from some focus groups colleagues of mine conducted for a client, the one that jumped out at me was that employees were happy and ready to talk about the company through their social channels, but most didn’t want to use their own words. They wanted, instead, to share links to authoritative company content.


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