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links for 2010-10-16

  • Monday will mark the start of Get Online Week 2010 – a concerted national effort, headed by lastminute.com founder Martha Lane Fox, to encourage the nine million people who have never used the internet to finally take the plunge.

    The resources available to Lane Fox’s campaign are on the one hand minuscule – she effectively has no budget of her own – but on the other gargantuan. Companies from Google to MacDonald’s have signed up to help the “Digital Champion” in her mission.

  • In order to help other developers understand accessibility and assistive technology, I’ve been working on a series of articles aimed at developers. As a slight change of pace, I invite you to experience Twitter through the “eyes” of a screen reader in this short video. You’ll hear what it sounds like when a screen reader reads the text of a page, and you’ll experience what a blind user might experience if he or she encounters a browser popup dialog.
  • How can there be so much attention to detail everywhere, but when I decide to invert my world with a dark-themed website I get blotchy, leaky type? Blech. Through many hours of experimenting and a happy accident while coding on the train, I stumbled across a solution.

    Did you know that if you apply the slightest text-shadow to your text, the rendering looks a hundred times better?

    (tags: webdesign)
  • Startup School is an annual event co-sponsored by Y Combinator and BASES, Stanford University's Business Association for Entrepreneurial Students. Today's Startup School, now in its sixth year, was a day full of speakers, imparting their knowledge to a packed auditorium of entrepreneurs.

    The topics at Startup School ranged from the history of Silicon Valley innovation and the history (and future) of startup funding, to testing your hypothesis, pivoting, and optimizing for happiness. The speaker – 11 all told – gave presentations, followed by a short Q&A with audience members.

  • Google sees the adoption of Google Apps at schools and colleges as vital to the growth of the productivity suite; an outlook that Microsoft also seems to emulate as well. The strategy makes sense; not only do educational institutions represent a huge market for Google Apps and other productivity suites, but schools and colleges are where many people get trained, start relying on, and form brand allegiances to productivity apps. Today, New York is the fifth U.S. state to adopt “Google Apps,” joining Oregon, Colorado, Iowa, and Maryland.

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