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links for 2010-10-12

  • The Social Network is an incredibly well made and motivating film.

    I don't care about the facts of the matter — they're irrelevant. The movie tells a better story about startup life than anything I've ever read in the press.

    Pretend this is a film about fictional people and a fictional product. Here are a few things you can learn:

    ✌ Facebook was built on strengths, not weaknesses. Mark, Sean, and Eduardo each have their strengths. If you focus on their weaknesses, they seem like bad apples. It is their strengths that make them effective. You can only build performance on strength — you cannot build it on weakness.

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  • While going about my day, I sometimes engage in a mental exercise I call the Laura Ingalls Test. What would Laura Ingalls, prairie girl, make of this freeway interchange? This Target? This cell phone? Some modern institutions would probably be unrecognizable at first glance to a visitor from the 19th century: a hospital, an Apple store, a yoga studio. But take Laura Ingalls to the nearest fifth-grade classroom, and she wouldn’t hesitate to say, "Oh! A school!"

    Very little about the American classroom has changed since Laura Ingalls sat in one more than a century ago. In her school, children sat in a rectangular room at rows of desks, a teacher up front. At most American schools, they still do.


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