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links for 2010-09-17

  • For a few years now, people have been expecting electronic textbooks to take off in a big way: They're cheaper than traditional textbooks, easier to carry around in a backpack, and seem like a natural progression for students who have grown up playing and working with digital devices.

    Despite all that, traditional textbooks have prevailed — until now. The game changer, according to Matt MacInnis, may be a little thing called the iPad.

  • Ken Yeung writes
    "Over the course of seven videos, I’ve managed to talk to entrepreneurs, agency representatives, someone from a large Fortune 500 company, an aspiring filmmaker, author & thought leader, social media strategist and others and I think that when you watch them, not all will be applicable to your industry or profession, BUT what they do provide is an interesting perspective that is both candid and straight-forward in how different industries can really take hold of the web and social media to make it work for them."

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