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links for 2010-09-13

  • OW is a seamless Ameba-Unit which started spreading all over the world in 2007. Phototgrapher/Filmmaker Sven Wiederholt is Czar of this unit. His members are located all over the world, places such as germany, japan, nigeria, finland, us and are ready for the next project. Its projects are currently ranging from film to products. However, OW itself does not know what will happen next. OW will keep changing and transforming, just like an Ameba.
    What turns OW ON

    humanness, creation and expression, collaboration and its chemical reaction. Weirdness, emotions and sense of humor, creation of life.

  • It seems like WebKit is rapidly becoming ubiquitous in the world of mobile devices.

    As I posted yesterday, Blackberry devices, starting with the Torch, now have a WebKit-based browser. I just now saw an ad for the 3rd generation Kindle and among the list of features, it lists a WebKit browser. I haven't had a chance to work with the Kindle implementation yet but my expectations are pretty high.

    There are, of course, going to be special considerations on a device like the Kindle. The E-Ink display's slow update rate will obviously limit the kinds of animations the device can display and the ultra-power efficient CPU probably won't allow performing processor intensive JavaScript operations … but even with those caveats, the new Kindle is likely to be a pretty decent web client.

  • Before I note a few things I saw on the Kindle forums yesterday, here are a few more Kindle 3 (UK K3) tips.
    (tags: Kindle)
  • OpenIDEO is a place where people design better, together for social good. It's an online platform for creative thinkers: the veteran designer and the new guy who just signed on, the critic and the MBA, the active participant and the curious lurker. Together, this makes up the creative guts of OpenIDEO.

    To become a place where good ideas gain momentum, OpenIDEO depends on participation — your inspirations, his comments, her concepts, our design process. It's these efforts, these big and small moments of sharing and collaboration, that make this platform a dynamic resource for tackling significant global challenges.


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