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links for 2010-09-10

  • Cuisine‎: American Regional‎‎, Cajun/Creole‎‎, Indian‎‎, Soul Food‎‎, American Traditional and Classic
  • where to find study spots, food, coffee, and the general chill hang out spots around hyde park.
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    By Minna Minsing – Open Collaboration
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  • The government will soon announce a policy that will make it mandatory to have an open and royalty-free standard for all technologies and software used for e-governance operations and applications across the country. In other words, there will soon be one uniform thread for all government work so that all documents or databases will be accessible through any technology platform.
  • In what could be her last major speech as California’s technology chief, CIO Teri Takai invoked Psychology 101 when explaining how the state has improved its technology services and management during the past two and a half years, and what remains to be accomplished in the future.

    Takai told an audience of private-sector IT executives on Thursday, Sept. 9, that California has made much progress on a range of issues — from speedier procurement methods to the adoption of an enterprisewide information security plan — during her tenure as CIO. But she said the state still has more ground to cover to meet its “basic” technology needs and position the next gubernatorial administration to focus on business-line applications instead of technology infrastructure.

    (tags: california IT CIO)
  • HTML 5 is developed as the next major version of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and its already giving hard time to Adobe Flash. Flash usage is facing a constant drop in web and internet applications and HTML 5 opened new doors for web designers and developers.

    HTML 5 is useful because of the advances features/structures like new semantic structural tags, API specs or offline storage, new inline semantic tags and much more. These advanced features of HTML 5 making designing job easy for designers to create rich internet applications and webpages.


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