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links for 2010-09-08

  • Provide accessible multimedia in e-books.
    Most e-book formats can accommodate multimedia in some manner, either by embedding the elements directly into the e-book, or by linking to them externally. Some formats and readers are more accessible to users with disabilities than others. Adobe Reader (PDF format) offers reasonable access to screen readers, provided the author has taken care to create an accessible document. However, even the most carefully authored documents may not provide a 100% accessible e-book due to limitations in the format itself or in the software used to read the book.

    Before incorporating multimedia into any e-book, always be sure to add captions and audio descriptions to that multimedia. See Guideline H for details.

  • XML-based specifications supporting learning technologies have been developed by the Shareable Courseware Object Reference Model Initiative (SCORM) and distributed through the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative Network
  • ITIL is a transformation rather than an implementation, i.e. the cultural change of the people is the ultimate objective and the most important part. Don't get fixated on processes or, worse still, technology. Make sure the major spend is on people-change else failure or atrophy is the result.

    To hear the vendors tell it you might be excused for thinking ITIL is a “skin” of their technology. And to hear many experts and books tell it you might get the impression ITIL is about processes. But it isn’t. ITIL is about changing the way people think and behave; changing “the way things are done around here”; changing what GamingWorks calls ABC: Attitude, Behavior and Culture.

  • "Jared's time with the Policy Planning staff was a period in which we moved from not only writing memos proposing new ideas, but also finding ways to put those ideas into practice as an initial proof of concept. We are known as the Secretary of State's think tank, but we have become a think/do tank."

    In mid-October, Cohen will begin his new job as director of Google Ideas, a new division of the search giant that he is helping to launch. He will also be, as of Tuesday Sept. 7, an adjunct fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, focusing on counter-radicalization, innovation, technology, and statecraft. Cohen is the author of two books, Children of Jihad and One Hundred Days of Silence, and despite his interest in all things new media, is also the owner of an extensive collection of rare books, presidential autographs, and 19th-century campaign memorabilia.

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