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links for 2010-08-30

  • Meanwhile, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported last week that agencies' Web portals were down and the DMV's 74 service centers couldn't process drivers' licenses. The outage was caused by 228 malfunctioning servers, the newspaper reported.

    This computer shutdown is a new black mark for the VITA-Northrop Grumman partnership, which began in 2005. A legislative audit last fall slammed the agreement''s performance and prompted criticism from lawmakers. Since then, the two parties have been working together to improve service.

  • written Chip Camden, who writes TechRepublic's IT Consultant blog, he also contributes to [Geeks Are Sexy] Technology News and his two personal blogs, Chip's Quips and Chip's Tips for Developers. Read his full bio and profile.
  • How about a website in which people can give away unwanted items and receive free things from others? This puts the phrase "One man's trash is another man's treasure" into practice.
    I know there is a Internet based network called Freecycle network, but it is an outdated, Yahoo-group and email-based system, which is totally inconvenient.
  • They write "Every week ThoughtFarmer calls customers to discuss the practical matters of running an intranet: the good, bad, and the ugly. We do these calls in the hope that we can learn lessons on how to make our product better and more valuable.
    I had one such call earlier today with a professional services firm who talked about the evolution of the use of ThoughtFarmer at their company. Like all of the calls we have with customers, it was rich with insights into the real world problems and day-to-day challenges faced in organizations trying to be more communicative, collaborative, and productive." That seems far better than surveying customers.
  • Because the web is a changing and ever evolving organism, it’s important to build sites that can grow with it and easily ride the current instead of drowning when a new wave approaches.

    Clean markup and building with web standards not only helps you do this, but will save you both time and money in the long run.

    As the web expands, so the technologies that it uses grow with it. While HTML has been around for a long time, it has acquired quite a few sidekicks along the way.

    First Javascript, then CSS, XML and later AJAX. Wide adoption of HTML 5 is just around the corner, with Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome already enjoying nearly full HTML 5 support (the slow kid on the block, Internet Explorer, is lagging behind as usual).


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