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links for 2010-08-29

  • Faced with budget cutbacks, the city of San Francisco created a website, ImproveSF.org, to find ways the city could balance their budget. The campaign behind the site was created with the intentions of lowering costs in city government, which in turn would eliminate some of the financial stress felt at that level. Utilizing the site, city employees were permitted to sign in and enter their suggestions on how to best cut costs and increase revenue. Once submitted, others could comment and vote on the ideas to determine the essential "winners."
    (tags: costsaving)
  • "In preparing to write several back-to-school stories for ReadWriteWeb, I initially considered a post featuring some of these "interesting" and "revolutionary" ed-tech startups. But instead of another list of disruptive ed-tech startups, I'd like to offer a list of the 5 disruptive things ed-tech startups are doing. I would love to hear your thoughts – as educators, as entrepreneurs – on what other metrics you might use for evaluating this disruption. After all, if as Bill Gates suggests that in five years the best education will come from the web, we should probably consider now what we want that education to look like if it's to be different than just an online version of that old factory model."
  • You’ve heard it before, “Conversations about your brand are happening…with or without you.” Whether or not you have integrated social media into your company’s marketing platform, your organization is already “in” social media. So what is holding you back from actively participating in this medium?
  • The Kindle device itself, of course, has a carbon footprint caused by manufacturing and shipping all of its parts around. And it does use electricity (though, really, a very small amount compared with devices like laptops or even some cell phones.) But while I still love real books for a lot of reasons, I've got to give it to the Kindle. Authors are getting paid more, consumers are paying less, and (according to a study from The Cleantech Group) as long as the devices replace the purchase of more than 22.5 NEW (not used) books in the lifetime of the device, it will be a positive force for the environment. This seems to be roughly one year's use of the Kindle. Of course, if you're replacing newspapers and magazines with your Kindle chances are you'll go carbon negative faster than that.
    (tags: kindle green)
  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote "My activism: a) To "robustify" society against Black Swans –occasional activism against those who fragilize it (bankers, economists, social scientists, oversized top-down governments, etc.) But I am bored with finance and interested in worthier mission,like b) Climate change: — I am working on the opposite of conventional scientism: a precise protocol of what to do when you don't understand climate change –the Bonham declaration. c) Medicine, etc.

    image017Conversation with U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron on how to save society from epistemic arrogance. In Congress discussing Hyperinflation & Fiscal Stimulus(video), Bank Risk Management , The U.K. Tories and The Black Swan (Video), Discussing with the King of Sweden how to save the economy with the termination of the economics "Nobel". On literature (conversation with Rolf Dobelli)" and much more


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