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links for 2010-08-11

  • With most things there are formulaic answers to the question, "How do I make that accessible?" For this feature of a web page, do this. For a text box in a form, use a label. For a data table, provide a summary and heading information. The W3C collects and publishes these techniques; if they are not easy to remember, they are easy to look up.

    But some things don't boil down to a simple formula, and that's where designers and developers need to apply their imagination and analysis skills. The classic example s a map.

    People like maps because they present information in a way that is easy for them to use and understand. We are visually- and spatially-oriented and maps are elegant ways to cater to that. They are problematic, however, for people who can't see or can't see well. How could you describe everything in a map in alternative text? Is it reasonable to try, and would it even be useful if you did?

  • Department of Justice Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) – it's time to comment!

    The Department of Justice (Department) is considering revising the regulations implementing title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA or Act) in order to establish requirements for making the goods, services, facilities, privileges, accommodations, or advantages offered by public accommodations via the Internet, specifically at sites on the World Wide Web (Web), accessible to individuals with disabilities. The Department is also considering revising the ADA´s title II regulation to establish requirements for making the services, programs, or activities offered by State and local governments to the public via the Web accessible.

  • Includes "The jQuery Form Wizard Plugin will convert your regular forms into step-by-step form wizard without having to reload the page when moving from one step to another. The plugin is unobtrusive and gives you the ability to set up flow of the different steps, by creating specific routes based on user input."
  • If you are interested in the application of new technology to the challenges and opportunities of government, then this blog was created for you.

    Adobe is a dynamic software company with a storied Silicon Valley history and a vigorous passion to innovate technology for the future. Within our customer family, some of our most diverse and important users are government professionals and the constituencies they serve. Adobe's government team is privileged to spend its time working with these customers every day and our goal with this blog is to share some of our observations, successes, and frustrations with the application of new technology in government.


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