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links for 2010-08-08

  • One of my assignments for the quarter was to find a way for DASD Sumit Agarwal and his team to create direct dialogue with the public and promote openness in government. And as a frequent poster on Reddit.com, I thought their “Ask Me Anything” series would fit the bill.

    Reddit.com is an Internet community that is a hybrid between a message board and a social news aggregator. Their “Ask Me Anything” interview series showcases a public figure and has them take questions from the community.

    Mr. Agarwal will film responses to the top ten questions on Friday, August 6 , and we will make sure to post the responses on the Armed with Science blog.

  • This small team is always looking for efficiencies and the press release was one of the first areas they were able to save time and money while improving the quality and quantity of the information they delivered. Instead of spending four+ hours on the press release process they now follow a multi-step process (see the picture to the left) that only takes them thirty minutes (16% of the original time).

    While press releases are still needed sometimes, they have been replaced by more personal and direct means for most updates. The new process, written in marker on a board in Ric’s office, is flexible, easily modified (have an eraser?), and balances traditional and new media channels. While this exact process may not match your needs the approach, and the thinking that went into it, should.

  • Don’t learn anything new. You’re a know-it-all already, right? So whatever you do, be sure not to take a computer class or graphic design workshop. Do not earn your degree or get that designation you’ve been putting off. And certainly do not become more valuable to your current employer and more appealing to a new employer by using a few of your other 8 hours to boost your skills.

    3. Stick to your job description. If your employer wants you to learn something new, they should pay you more. If they can’t afford it, stick to your job description and don’t spend any time learning how to do more than that. If there are layoffs at your company, fewer people will need to be able to handle more work. Ensure that you are a one-trick pony to almost guarantee you will get laid off so your cubicle neighbor can take over several of your tasks on day one.

  • A little over a year ago CivSource first reported on the development of an open source, social media tool by Lockheed Martin called Eureka. Since then, the company has officially released the source code for Eureka Streams. According to two of the creators of the project, Streams is designed specifically to drive conversations around user generated content created on the Web.

    For the past four years, Lockheed has been developing an internal collaboration platform that sought to incorporate the latest Web 2.0 tools inside the organization. Initially, Lockheed’s Information Systems & Global Solutions (IS&GS) group launched Project Unity. Unity integrates Google Enterprise Search Appliance (GSA), Microsoft’s Windows Sharepoint Servicess (WSS) and NewsGator’s Enterprise Server.


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