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links for 2010-08-07

  • Last week, following an unprecedented heat wave, wildfires continue to threaten much of western part of the country, including the Moscow region. At least 40 people were killed, 77 towns or villages were damaged, thousands of people were left without homes and have lost everything they had. Russian president Dmitry Medvedev declared emergency situation in 7 regions, however it looks like the authorities have significant problems coordinating information, assistance and providing prompt help to the victims of the wildfires.

    The Russian online community including bloggers from Livejournal.com blogosphere are very active not only in covering of the tragic events, but also self organizing in order to provide help to those who need it. A special community “Pozar_Ru” has been launched for those who are interested in helping.

  • Patents make a lot of sense in many industries; they are needed to protect the designs of industrial equipment, pharmaceutical formulations, biotechnology products and methods, biomedical devices, consumer products (toothpaste, shampoo, contact lenses, etc.), advanced materials & composites, and of course, widgets (lighting fixtures & elements, batteries, toys, tools, etc.). But in software these are just nuclear weapons in an arms race. They don’t foster innovation, they inhibit it. That’s because things change rapidly in this industry. Speed and technological obsolescence are the only protections that matter. Fledgling startups have to worry more about some big player or patent troll pulling out a big gun and bankrupting them with a frivolous lawsuit than they do about someone stealing their ideas.
  • “We need you,” Gillibrand told the bloggers. “You don’t have to be afraid [of politics] just because it is a blood sport.”

    A frequent blog contributor herself, Gillibrand discussed her experience in the Senate, and specifically the fight against the Stupak amendment – a crucial sticking point for liberal Democrats that turned the debate over health care reform legislation on its head. Gillibrand expressed surprise at the lack of grassroots coordination from women to protest the amendment and pointed to the debate as one where women could have been better organized, and more effective.

  • Recording that this exists, not supporting them

    Impression Management Professionals offers specialized training on how to transform the way you communicate with high level executives, potential clients and peers so your authority, authenticity and integrity shine through. With Outcome Thinking® you will learn what blocks people from listening to you, how to display Executive Presence so you are highly respected, how to speak with context so what you say is significant, answer questions with poise and confidence, challenge appropriately, and how to make sure your body language is congruent with your message.

    Managing Your Message is a foundational course at IMP as it gives you the clearest look at the blueprint of how your brain works today so you can rewire it in order to hotwire your results.

  • There are two aspects to the requirements gathering process that are critical for planning a successful kickoff.
    Skip to the hard questions
    Use stakeholder interviews to break the ice in a more natural, one-on-one or small group conversation. Then ask some questions that will reveal your interview subjects’ specific, personal hopes and fears for the project—the more brutally honest they are, the better. Assure your interview subjects that certain questions are “off the record,“ and then get them to really explore the relationship between the organizational culture and their project expectations. Who is the one person that will make this project a success, and who is the greatest challenge? If this is a redesign, what worked the last time they tried to do this, and what didn’t?
    What is the one thing we must get right to make this website/application worth undertaking?

    How does your organization define success? What is the role of the website/application in achieving that success?


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