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links for 2010-08-04

  • In April 2010, participants from cultural and educational institutions in 11 countries met at Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center to discuss the museum’s potential role in relation to design for social change. Here, a report on this symposium sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation and organized by Winterhouse Institute.
    “Museums should be teaching tools where new discussions should happen, new researches should happen. How do you project different possible futures?” — Jogi Panghaal

    “For too long design curators, writers and critics have fallen into the trap of style; they delight in elegance too much. We have to make a bigger effort to penetrate people’s consciousness.” — Paola Antonelli

  • Specialized journalists now occupy a shrinking wedge of a fast-growing pie of light-speed media. This reality threatens to erode the already limited public appreciation of science. But the situation also presents a great opportunity – and responsibility – for scientists, their institutions, and their funders. Institutions that thrive in this world of expanding, evolving communication paths are those willing to engage the public (including critics) and to experiment with different strategies. The alternative is to hunker down, wait for misinformation to spread, and then – after the fact – sift fact from hype

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