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links for 2010-07-29

  • “What are some of the business processes and governance issues related to creation of communities? Should organizations let users create their own communities without imposing governance and should there be some formality associated with it. Organizations do impose some kind of governance on creation of Team Sites. Should that model carry over to the creation of communities? There surely will be an impact on adoption if users need to get approval from some higher authority to create communities on their own. Is there a happy medium?”
    The topic tends to be polarizing and most people I meet are firmly in one camp or the other. (I used to be in one camp and then I switched – does that make me the Arlen Specter of Enterprise 2.0?) There are pros and cons to each philosophy and each one needs its own governance model.
  • DAVID DUNNING: Well, my specialty is decision-making. How well do people make the decisions they have to make in life? And I became very interested in judgments about the self, simply because, well, people tend to say things, whether it be in everyday life or in the lab, that just couldn’t possibly be true. And I became fascinated with that. Not just that people said these positive things about themselves, but they really, really believed them. Which led to my observation: if you’re incompetent, you can’t know you’re incompetent.

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