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links for 2010-07-16

  • “Flexible access to people and resources can be enormously powerful in a world driven by changes that, more often than not, lead us in unanticipated directions…we need to become more adept at ‘capability leverage’ – finding and accessing complementary capabilities, wherever they reside in the world, to deliver more value.”

    – From “The Power of Pull” by J Hagel, J S Brown, L Davidson

    Businesses, in particular in the Western world, are becoming more and more knowledge-intensive with an increasing part of the workforce engaged in knowledge-based work.

  • You've got seconds to engage a viewer. Be sure they count.

    As a designer, your challenge is to maximize visual impact within a visually cluttered world. That's why we built 3M Visual Attention Service (VAS). 3M VAS uses science-based modeling to help you increase the likelihood people will notice key design elements during the first 3–5 seconds of exposure.

  • Matt McKenna's WhoPaidThem.com was one of he two entries that tied for winner of Sunlight Labs' Design for America contest in the Data Visualization of Sunlight Community Data category.

    WhoPaidThem aims to challenge our individual and collective preconceptions about political funding through a series of interactive graphics. To hear more about the winning entry, check out Matt's short video below.

  • Government IT projects all too often cost millions of dollars more than they should, take years longer than necessary to deploy, and deliver technologies that are obsolete by the time they are completed. Colossal failures have contributed to a significant technology gap between the public and private sector which results in dollars wasted and a government that is less responsive to the American people. To close the technology gap, cut waste, and modernize government, the Obama Administration is taking concrete steps to deliver better results for the American people.

    In June 2009, we launched the IT Dashboard, which empowers the American people to monitor $80 billion of IT investments across the Federal government and shines light into government operations, and today we’re launching IT Dashboard 2.0 which represents the next major leap forward in transparency, performance and accessibility of the Federal IT portfolio.

  • The results of the 2010 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition are in! Sixty-three professional wine judges from throughout the United States evaluated 4,913 wines from over 1,500 wineries across the country. The judging of the wines took place in Sonoma County on January 5-8

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