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links for 2010-07-11

  • In the world of Knowledge Management, we frequently talk about at least two different types of knowledge we deal with. The first is explicit, or codified, knowledge (stuff that’s captured and, hopefully, readily accessible in some useful form); the second is tacit, or tribal, in-the-head, “between the ears” knowledge. For most of my nearly 15 years of knowledge management practice in the aerospace business I have noted we spend an incredible amount of time, energy, and money working on the former.

    At the same time we have continually asserted the vast majority of useful knowledge was the latter. Here, for instance, is a graphic showing the ratio of explicit to tacit as 19 to 1.

  • The Social Customer has been discussed in great detail across countless blogs and web sites. In my opinion, no one has done a better job of providing a more complete definition than that provided by Jacob Morgan’s Chess Media Group, with Attensity, at the end of June, 2010. With Jacob’s permission I am including his Slideshare below, along with a link to a free white paper that was created as part of this effort.

    Before watching this Slideshare I want to note:

    * This work is outstanding.
    * This work is focused primarily on the private sector. However, the definition of the Social Customer, as part of The Social Ecosystem, must work across sectors, geographies, languages. We get to that common definition after you view the Slideshare.

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