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links for 2010-07-09

  • This year we are asking for community submissions for lightning (20 minute) sessions and pre-conference workshops around a variety of themes, ranging from design practice (including guidelines, methods and processes) to design theory and new applications of design solutions. IxDA is proud to represent a diverse and multidisciplinary community; we encourage submissions from the fringes of interaction design and beyond. Check out content from previous IxDA conferences to get a flavor of the types of material presented.

    All proposals are due August 1, 2010. We are waiting to hear from you… what have you got to say for yourself?

  • n our work so far, we've discovered the primary difference in how they do work is that they have the power to shape their work environment — which means that they can customize, upgrade, and even create new information technology to propel their productivity.

    If one looks throughout history, workers' productivity has always been proportional to the quality of the tools they use. In physical work, a man with a backhoe is much more productive than one with a shovel. Yet many firms — in their desire to save money by creating "standard" information environments — actually hamper the potential productivity of their knowledge workers. It's the knowledge work equivalent of outlawing backhoes.

  • victim when an employee accidentally released confidential information of 139,000 state-registered investment advisers to a business publication.

    The breach occurred when personal information of tens of thousands of investment professionals contained on a CD-ROM was sent to IA Week, an investment industry publication, in response to a request for public information. IA Week had issued an information request of the office's Securities Division for a list of registered investment companies, but was instead sent a list of investment professionals.

    A new employee was culpable for the breach by failing to delete the investment advisers' Social Security numbers and other private information, which is normally withheld for such requests.


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