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links for 2010-07-03

  • In our efforts to evangelize for a more user-centered approach to the design of our sites, applications, and products one of the more crucial things we can do is be resourceful. This post starts with and intro video and goes a bit more in-depth(as well as providing resources) in the accompanying article…

    As you may have already experienced we don’t always have the resources we would like to make our projects a success. This can be a result of limited budget or resources as well as a lack of buy in from stakeholders or senior management.

  • My cooking is resolutely domestic; home cooking of the normal, often messy, spontaneous and sometimes uncoordinated variety. I am fascinated in the role of food as part of a messy domestic life with the range of personalities that share in its eating and production. My new book, Teaching Dad To Cook Flapjack, has been written as a practical cooking manual but also as a delicious food novel that can be read from cover to cover.

    I live in a beach house in Bigbury on Sea, South Devon with my three young children and husband. This is the area with the highest concentration of organic food producers in the UK.


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