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links for 2010-07-01

  • Twitter has started a website to highlight positive social movements on Twitter. Visit the site to see what charities and other organizations are up to. (Note: Site doesn't work in ie6 or with some content filtering on, so try it from home.)
  • In the early days of WCAG 1.0, access keys within web pages were seen as a staple of accessibility best practices: assigning a letter or number which could be pressed alongside an accelerator key (such as Alt) to enable users to instantly activate a link or form field. In reality, they are a poor accessibility practice that gets in the way of users.

    For people using computers, programs are full of access keys, such as Control + S for the Save command, or Alt + F to activate the File menu. For people using screen-reading software such as NVDA or JAWS, there are a lot more features activated by access keys, such as changing the reading mode or context. The access keys set on a web page may override screen-reading access keys and combinations built into the web browser. For example, Alt + F may activate the "Find" form field on the web page, instead of the File menu within the browser. Whether the built-in access keys are overridden depends on the browser.


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