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links for 2010-06-28

  • 30-minute kiddie pool from scrap pvc and a tarp
    After another week of 100 degree weather, I wanted to make a kiddie pool for my son to splash in. A friend suggested using scrap pvc and a tarp left over from a burning man project. This is a fun and easy project that should take less than 30 minutes to prepare. Once you have the pool, it is easy to take apart and store when you are done.

    Parts list:
    At least 30 feet of pvc, 1/2" or thicker
    About (10) 1/2" T-Connectors
    One 8'x10' tarp or larger
    PVC cutter or a hacksaw or sawsall for cutting pvc. Note, a pvc cutter is cheap an will make everything go much faster, plus they are a cool tool to own.
    Clamps of bungies to secure tarp to frame (duct tape would also probably work, or just having a very big tarp)

    Final pool size is ~ 4×6 feet

  • Welcome to Google Apps Training!
    Now that you have a Google Apps account, it's time to make the switch to Gmail, Google Calendar, and all the other new apps you'll be working with! Use this site as a guide during your first days and throughout the transition.

    For optimal performance, we recommend using a Chrome or Firefox web browser with Google Apps. You can continue using Internet Explorer or any other browser for your other applications.

    Please note that access to some documents may require you to authenticate with your Groupwise ID and Password

    Want to be eligible to win some exciting prizes? Just sign up for a LA GEECS webinar! Click here for the details!


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