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links for 2010-06-22

  • The following is a guest post from Tod Maffin, one of Canada's most influential web and technology commentators.
  • For centuries economies have been based upon a well proven model of bartering, early trading involved individuals exchanging goods or services of similar value then over time we saw cash become the primary means of applying a value to a transaction. Over the last decade we have seen several companies and individuals work out the next step in the evolution of currency, applying value to information in ways that we never previously imagined.

    As a society we have always understood the value of big pieces of information. Every day corporate moguls exchange it for power, spies have used it to bring down ancient kings, and criminals have occasionally been able to turn it into money by blackmailing a cheating spouse. However, at the lower end of the scale we’re probably just starting to understand the value of the information that we hold.


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