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links for 2010-06-21

  • Opscode, Inc., a cloud infrastructure automation company, today announced the limited beta release of the Opscode Platform, the world’s first hosted configuration management service. The Opscode Platform makes the popular open-source configuration management tool Chef even more powerful and easy to use.

    “Automated infrastructure management represents one of the most complex and urgent problems in IT,” said Rachel Chalmers, industry analyst at The 451 Group. “The launch of the Opscode Platform has the promise to become a watershed moment for web infrastructure. It’s the salesforce.com of configuration management.”

    With the advent of cloud computing and virtualization, it is easier than ever to create new servers on demand. Very quickly, a bottleneck has developed around the configuration management layer, where files are written and packages are installed as new server infrastructure is built and maintained.

  • Count the smart phones in Capitol corridors. Check Facebook and Twitter to “follow” your favorite elected official. Watch city council members on the dais texting during meetings. What are they saying? And is it any of our business? Of course it is.

    The explosion of social media constitutes a radical shift in the way we communicate. Erik Qualman, writing in Socialnomics, says it’s the biggest cultural shift since the Industrial Revolution. Unfortunately, current state law doesn’t address the communication transformation that has made the Facebook population the fourth-largest country in the world. And because of this legislative technology gap, the public is left wondering what government business is being conducted on social media and what we’re missing.


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