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links for 2010-06-19

  • These volunteer commandments are based on some prepared by TEDxPhoenix and I think with a little adjustment they have value for many organizations.
    TEDx Manhattan Beach Volunteer Commandments

    Thou shall spread ideas.

    Thou shall welcome all.

    Thou shalt know the difference between TED & TEDx.

    Thou shalt not use TEDx for personal gain, or to promote a personal agenda.

  • The H's Update Check helps you get a grip on a major security problem – outdated programs with known security vulnerabilities. If your PC is running an old browser version or an outdated version of Adobe Reader, or is missing Windows updates, your data is easy prey for cyber criminals. Simply visiting an innocuous-looking website is often all it takes to become infected with spyware which steals passwords or online banking access details.

    A small test program developed by Danish company Secunia checks for missed updates for Windows and other important programs. To do this, it needs to access your hard drive, however no personal data is collected, transferred or stored (see the privacy policy). The test works with all common browsers but does require Java. You must also agree to the request to execute SecuniaSoftwareInspector on the next page before the scan can start.


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