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links for 2010-06-13

  • Renting an apartment for a week in London in September. Priority: great food shopping.

    My wife and I are heading to London for 8 days/7 nights this fall for a vacation/wedding, and we're looking at saving money by renting a flat with a kitchen and buying our own food and preparing meals there for the most part. The bride-to-be is moving out of town and will be far too busy to accommodate houseguests, and we don't really know anyone else well enough to couch-surf (nor do we really want to, given that this is our Big Trip for probably the next several years).

    Anyone here had recent experience and recommendations, both in terms of companies, ballpark expense to look for in terms of rentals (what's a good sweet spot for a one-bedroom with kitchenette and maybe a breakfast nook type eating space?), and — most important — preferred neighbourhoods for access to great food markets and/or interesting niche grocers?

  • While cloud computing isn't exactly a new concept, Google Apps has certainly refined the technology so that businesses everywhere can take advantage of its speed, accessibility and storage. The Google Apps suite, which includes such popular trademarks such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs, can make the workflow among your employees more fluid, and even provide better methods of interacting with clients and customers. The following guide will highlight the reasons and ways for you to implement Google Apps to improve the operations of your company.
  • …Apple has chosen to leverage our own Readability as a native feature in the Safari browser. As the debate around Safari Reader heats up, we thought we’d chime in and share some of our thoughts, motivations and aspirations for what reading can become on the Web.
    It’s been well reported that traditional print publishing is in a state of turmoil today. For years, it has been experiencing a gradual decline in paper advertising and circulation…

    In response, what has materialized is an almost frantic attempt to deliver as many ad impressions as possible alongside original copy on the Web. Some news sources and blogs do a better job than others, but many show no regard for the potential impact on the viewing and reading experience. The ad men have bullied their way into art direction and copy. In the fight to survive, the due respect that a quality piece of content deserves goes by the wayside.


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