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links for 2010-05-31

  • One problem which occurs whenever you try to optimize or speed up your computer is measuring how much of an effect your efforts have made. Confirmation bias can make it very, very hard to simply “eyeball” your computer’s speed because you’ll usually want to confirm that your efforts made an impact. This can be a problem as your computer ages. If you have no objective way of knowing how fast your computer is you won’t be able to figure out which optimizations work and which don’t.
  • An image to answer all of those questions – what is it, why should i use it
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  • "Could this be the next government green initiative? Think about all the paper we would save not printing out handouts, meeting agendas, manuals, etc. "
  • Canon Hack Development Kit (or C.H.D.K. for short)….to reprogram his camera to snap one shot every 15 seconds on its journey into the stratosphere. The software has allowed photographers using more than 50 models of Canon PowerShot cameras to reprogram the time lapse instructions to record construction projects or to use motion-sensing programs to capture animals in the deep woods. It can also be used to alter the camera’s exposure control to produce imaginative images in difficult lighting. (The hacks do not work with the more expensive D.S.L.R. cameras). Development of the hack kit began as a volunteer project about three years ago. It can be customized by adding programs written in “ubasic” or “lua,” two common languages that are fairly easy for programmers. Many C.H.D.K. users also swap scripts with each other and modify the work of others.

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