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links for 2010-05-30

  • We are providing an archive of past auctions. Most of the records have been auctioned at ebay, certainly the largest auction house for rare vinyl records.

    Online auction houses are a very popular method for buying or selling records. At popsike.com, you can check the final auction price that a certain record has brought. Although this might not be a true indication of the record's real value, it does show what collectors are paying for rare items.

    There is no fixed price for a second-hand record, no matter how rare it is. The price of a rare record is purely determined by what people are prepared to pay for it.

  • “Dyyno came along with a breakthrough technology developed by 8 to 10 PhD students at Stanford Multimedia Labs working on a project to bring video distribution cost to zero, the same way text distribution is zero,” says Dyyno CEO Raj Jaswa who I met at the SDForum event on Collaboration 2.0 today.

    Using its own P2P technology, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup vies to beat more established Internet video streaming companies like YouTube, Ustream and Justin.tv. “The question is can you really do peer-to-peer in the Internet world which is uncontrolled peers, bandwith, processing point… and can you really do it live. And that’s the research the PhDs did and solved pretty much all the problems,” adds Jaswa.

    (tags: video dyyno)

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