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links for 2010-05-17

  • Enter your daily weight, set milestones and track your weight loss all in one place! With simple graphs showing your progress, Shrinking™ is the best way to keep up with your weight loss journey.
  • In a recent search it seems that the Government of Canada is seen to be a leader in the global public sector because of our CLF implementation. One of the greatest successes has been the enforcement of a common branding across the public sector. I used to call the CLF 1.0 the Common ugly Look and Feel because it really was boxy and bland, however, it’s gotten a lot better.

    Most government sites are looking better than they did a decade ago. Branding shouldn’t force sites to be identical, but it’s important that citizens are able to quickly identify a site as that of their government. This effort should allow some shared learning between departments about best practices for the usability of websites as well.

    Accessibility: The Internet has changed dramatically since 1998 when the USA Government released its Section 508 guidelines.

  • Our hoarding psychological equivalent is ‘Tend and Befriend’. Humans have a tendency to affiliate and group together in difficult times, coalescing into social groups to fight off threats for survival and trust bonding.

    Modern corporate life is rife with this mentality. Affiliation under stress is a survival mechanism where people group together under perceived threats, real or imagined. Concerns about layoffs and reorgs exacerbate this thinking for example, as does command and control hierarchical management, bizarrely opaque unilateral upper management decisions and so on.

    While there is plenty of highly sophisticated collaborative software available, it is all too frequently used in a defensive ‘Tend and Befriend’ way, with groups and teams hoarding information based on mutual trust. This translates as many pockets of information with no consistent organizational structure, typically hidden from the larger enterprise whether deliberately or unthinkingly.

  • The headache of maintaining public records is intensifying for state and local governments as freedom of information requests from lawyers and other citizens become more demanding. Given that e-mails are often considered public records, archiving them for e-discovery is a priority for many state and local IT departments. Governments unsure of how to proceed ought to look to Washington state.

    Since 2008, the Washington Department of Information Services (DIS) has been transferring messages stored in agency e-mail systems into a central data repository. It's a work in progress, as the state prepares to add more types of documents to the repository.

  • Tom Scott is an information architect for the BBC

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