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links for 2010-05-01

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  • Hot on the heels of Steve Jobs’ position paper highlighting all of Flash’s shortcomings, Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft’s General Manager of Internet Explorer, explained that HTML 5 Video is the future of the web and that IE 9 will only support video playback of content encoded in H.264 video.

    H.264 is an industry standard, with broad and strong hardware support. Because of this standardization, you can easily take what you record on a typical consumer video camera, put it on the web, and have it play in a web browser on any operating system or device with H.264 support (e.g. a PC with Windows 7). Recently, we publicly showed IE9 playing H.264-encoded video from YouTube.

  • MI5 is turning out dozens of its older staff because their computer skills are not sufficient to master social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • One of the original Imagineers working with Walt
    Disney in the early 1950s, Marty spoke about the flip side of
    leadership, sharing “Mickey’s Ten Commandments” for Followership:

    1. SPEAK UP! Great teammates raise issues before decision are made!

    2. Never be afraid to ask questions. That’s how we learn our parts – on stage and backstage.

    3. Make your experience count (that’s why you’re on the team).

    4. Help the rookie succeed – you were “new” once, too.

    5. Understand your role – everyone has a job to do.

  • Google is as secretive as any large tech company about the nature of its data centers — how many, where they are, and what they"re made of — but that doesn't stop the search giant from dishing out advice for everyone else"s data centers on how to cut energy use.

    In spite of Google"s size — or, perhaps, because of it — the company has managed to lead the pack in reducing its data centers" massive energy use. This week, at the Green:Net conference in San Francisco, Bill Weihl, Google's green energy czar (actual title), shared three secrets to success others can use to emulate his company"s data center efficiency.

  • This is a re-post of an important post from David Humphrey who has been doing a lot of experiments on top of Mozilla’s extensible platform and doing experiments with multi-touch, sound, video, WebGL and all sorts of other goodies. It’s worth going through all of the demos below. You’ll find some stuff that will amaze and inspire you.

    David’s work is important because it’s showing where the web is going, and where Mozilla is helping to take it. It’s not enough that we’re working on HTML5, which we’re about finished with, but we’re trying to figure out what’s next.


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