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links for 2010-04-26

  • Reflecting on events in Gov 2.0 over the past year or so and the many blogs, web sites and reports across the globe it seems to me that there are some common threads. For example:

    * People wanting to become involved in the day-to-day affairs of government.

    * Governments increasingly realising that they need to engage with citizens to solve problems and deliver more efficiently.

    * A drive to get the complex processes of the public service on a human scale.

    * Public servants collaborating with one another despite the silo mentality of the departments or agencies they work for.

    * Demands for increasing transparency and accountability.

    * People gravitating towards causes and challenging governments that are far from engaging.

    Sitting slap bang in the midst of all this are the very technologies that, in many respects, are Gov 2.0.

  • When it comes to cloud computing, the enterprises of today tend to invest in a hybrid approach that allows customers to provision software on on-demand infrastructures which are at the same time hosted on the premises. We refer to this on demand/on-premises hybrid approach as "cloud enabling," with which the focus is on realizing all the benefits of cloud computing – including zero installation, automatic configuration, cost-savings, and immediate access in scalable data centers – while also preserving the benefits of on-premises hosting. In this paper, we talk about the current state of this research and development and its potential for enterprise products and service offerings in general.
  • Communicating a mission and group strategy through a PowerPoint deck or spreadsheet doesn't cut it in today's brand saturated, real-time media-centric society. Large quantities of raw data in formatted tables rarely inspire, spark innovation and/or act as a catalyst for change. They surely don't create an emotional connection. On the other hand, people have a positive attitude and expectation to the prospect of hearing a new story. They've heard many interesting stories in their lives and their initial attitude and expectation is positive. Stories allow readers to get inside an idea.

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