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links for 2010-04-18

  • Imagine a world where you can "call up documents from files on the screen, or by pressing a button", or get "mail or any messages" from a "TV-display terminal with keyboard".

    These were the thoughts – in 1975 – of George E Pake, the head of Xerox Corporation's Palo Alto Research Center, when quizzed by BusinessWeek on what the office of the future would look like. Predicting "a revolution in the office over the next 20 years", he pretty much nailed it – except for one detail. "I don't know how much hard copy [printed paper] I'll want in this world."

    Ah, the paperless office. It has been the holy grail of the stationery cupboard for the last three decades, but its repeated failure to arrive is as big a letdown as the perennial office party.

  • Fortune's Apple 2.0 reports on Experian's Simmons survey of the top Apple markets in the US. Experian launched the survey in order to predict where consumers were most likely to line up to buy the iPad, and you can see the results above. Besides the list of the 206 most Mac'd out cities, the survey revealed another interesting number: 21.6% of US adults own or use an iPod, iPhone or Mac computer. That's right, one-fifth of Americans own some type of Apple hardware. What's more is that 21.6% doesn't included under-18s — and how many teens have you seen without an iPod?

    Also note that Apple fans tend to stick to urban areas for the most part — there is a nice big oasis of Mac fans in Colorado and Nevada, but we wonder if the lower population density in those places makes the results a little weird. Also notice the lack of Apple ownership in the south — Louisiana is not Mac country, apparently.

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