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links for 2010-04-16

  • The following are an initial draft of the best practices for governmental use of social media:

    1) The use of social media is not solely a technical or tool based decision. It is rather a policy and operational decision that should be based on organizational culture and whether such use advances the mission of the entity.

    2) Before using social media tools a governmental entity must clearly define the overall goal and purpose of such use. As with any project or initiative, development of a strategic plan is critical to success and smooth operation.

    3) The governmental entity should develop a social media policy and create guidelines for use by the entity and its employees. The policy and guidelines for employees should cover representation of agency by an employee as well as how personal use can impact the agency.

  • Typography is the art of arranging type and type design. The arrangement of type involves the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, line spacing, and the adjustment of spaces between groups of letters (tracking) and between pairs of letters (kerning). Typography comes from the Greek words typos, which means “mark, figure” and grapho, which means “I write.” It is basically the discipline of shaping written information; thus it can be applied to anything which has to do with text, including web design. Authors write the text, designers and typographers manage the typography, and users read through it.

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