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links for 2010-04-12

  • This leads to what I like to call, “Find me a rock” problems. The classic “find me a rock” story is as follows: A manager goes to his engineer one day and asks for a rock. “A rock?” asks the engineer. “Yes, a rock. That isn’t going to be a problem, is it?” replies the manager. The engineer laughs and tells the manager he’ll go pick one up during his lunch break and it will be no problem. After lunch, the manager visits the engineer again and the engineer shows him the rock. The manager looks at it for a moment before telling the engineer, “No, that one won’t work at all. I need a rock.”

    “Find me a rock” problems sound dead simple, but in actuality have requirements that are poorly stated or unknown. You never know what you’re looking for; you only know that you’ll know it when you see it.

  • Many companies outside of finance and insurance are encouraging employees to sit for certification exams—and some are flat-out requiring the effort.

    Companies say the certifications are proof that their current or prospective employees meet an industry-wide standard. And, some companies say a growing number of their clients insist on dealing only with employees who have earned industry designations.

  • here are five editions of Creative Suite 5: Web Premium, Production Premium, Design Standard, Design Premium and the Master Collection. Adobe decided to drop Web Standard as web developers seemed to mainly purchase the Premium version.

    Everything in CS5 is now 64 bit (including both Windows and Mac) with Premiere and After Effects being 64 bit only. This will dramatically increase performance across all the products in the suite.

    Creative Suite 5 introduces over 250 new features. There are all-new versions of fourteen point products (all products except Acrobat Pro), and there’s a brand new product called Flash Catalyst, which is included in all of the editions except Design Standard.

    Flash Builder 4 (previously Flex Builder) is now also bundled with the Design Premium and Master Collection editions.

  • Lawrence Lessig writes "When Eric Eldred's crusade to save the public domain reached the Supreme Court, it needed the help of a lawyer, not a scholar. IT IS OVER A YEAR LATER AS I WRITE THESE WORDS. It is still astonishingly hard. If you know anything at all about this story, you know that we lost the appeal. And if you know something more than just the minimum, you probably think there was no way this case could have been won. After our defeat, I received literally thousands of missives by well-wishers and supporters, thanking me for my work on behalf of this noble but doomed cause. And none from this pile was more significant to me than the e-mail from my client, Eric Eldred."
  • Lawrence Lessig Speaks Once Again About Copyright and Creativity
  • Ubuntu has earned a reputation as the most user-friendly version of Linux on the planet, but I would argue that the secret of success for Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) is not really about a great UI or an extensive hardware compatibility list.

    What Canonical does really well is to methodically produce incremental upgrades to its OS. It is transparent about its goals and plans, and it releases its software on schedule. In fact, this incremental approach is Ubuntu’s most potent competitive weapon against rivals Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It is also an approach that CTOs and other IT leaders who produce software, Web sites, and other product-based Web services can learn from.


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