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links for 2010-04-08

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  • Azby Brown writes, "Sometimes a simple investigation can lead us along an unexpected path. This spring I will have lived in Japan for 25 years, as a student, artist, designer and teacher. …

    I was initially drawn to Japan by its carpentry. Having grow up in New Orleans, I felt I had an ingrained sense of the continuities that bind life in past eras with our present, and Japan, with its vastly deeper history and cultural longevity, promised a valuable window into a form of knowledge that had been lost elsewhere. I was drawn to Japanese carpentry by its beauty, which seemed to me to lie primarily in its puzzlelike complexity and the virtuosic skill that its craftsmen wielded."

  • Thousands of corporate intranets are seldom-used, impossibly complex beasts. In contrast, next-generation intranets are simple, social platforms that can change the way people work (for the better!). But getting to Intranet 2.0 isn’t so easy. Here are my 10 steps.
    Step 1: Blow up the old intranet.

    Why? It’s irrelevant to employees’ day-to-day job. The cumbersome updating process alienates people. It’s out of date, and usage is dismal.

    How? Find the intranet server, get to a command prompt, and type >rm –rf *. (That’s a server admin joke.) Alternatively, unplug it. Seriously, it’s not worth trying to fix; you’ve got to start over.

  • Put down the best-seller and cancel the rest of Spring Break, the White House announced today federal agencies have released their open government plans. The plans are part of the Administration’s Open Government Initiative and should make for great beach reading.

    From the White House:

    The Plans will make operations and data more transparent, and expand opportunities for citizen participation, collaboration, and oversight. These steps will strengthen our democracy and promote accountability, efficiency and effectiveness across the government.

    Here are direct links to all plans (those not linked are not available or not easily visible, so let me know if you find them):

    (tags: opengov gov2.0)
  • In 2005, IBM pledged to not use five hundred patents against open source software. In 2010, two of those patents have shown up in a letter from IBM to TurboHercules SAS. The Hercules project, started eleven years ago, is a mainframe emulator which allows mainframe users to run IBM's z/OS and applications written for it on commodity hardware.

    TurboHercules SAS, a French start-up founded by Roger Bowler who started the Hercules project, wants to offer TurboHercules as a disaster recovery solution for IBM mainframe users and wrote to IBM asking for a way it could do that.


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