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links for 2010-04-01

  • This is a study of Alexander Pope's edition of Shakespeare (the 1725 edition is pictured above) that was submitted as a Ph.D. thesis to the University of Bristol in 1994. The degree was awarded in 1995.
  • Can't stomach the thought of running into one of those annoying blue "Flash-should-be-here" icons while surfing on your new iPad? Stick to these HTML5-compliant websites, says Apple, and you'll see nothing but streaming video goodness.

    Macworld gets the credit for spotting the list on Apple's site; a dozen sites are listed, ranging from CNN.com and Reuters to the New York Times and Sports Illustrated. What makes the sites so special, at least as far as the iPad is concerned? They've all been retooled with "the latest Web standards," including CSS3, JavaScript, and — most importantly — HTML5.

  • A recent post over at Google made an interesting claim: The ROI for improvement is much better for landing pages and forms than it is for homepages. At first this sounds controversial, but it makes sense for many reasons. While the article talks about how to improve forms and landing pages, it doesn't really explain why they are more valuable than home pages.
  • What does it take to launch a socially beneficial initiative inside a big company? eBay's recent efforts suggest you don't have to risk a lot to pursue a sizable challenge.

    Over the past few years, eBay has quietly grown three ventures — Green Team — more than 2,000 eBay employees in more than 23 countries, all supporting environmental causes in local communities and promoting sustainable business practices within eBay; MicroPlace — a web site that enables everyday people to invest in the world's working poor; and World of Good.com by eBay — an online marketplace to convene thousands of eco-conscious sellers and products. Each began with just a few altruistic employees working with miniscule budgets. Each has the potential to bring sustainable commerce to hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers. And now eBay, which until a few years ago was largely ignored by the corporate responsibility tribe, is emerging as a formidable agent for change.


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