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links for 2010-03-17

  • Thinking through your identity is the most important, and most overlooked, issue in using Twitter. Are you going to be a person who shares everything about yourself, or are you going to focus on a specific task? Many successful Twitter users, such as Chris Brogan and Shama Hyder, talk very intimately with their followers and it works for them. When you get to 30,000 followers, you can do that. For now, keep it simple.

    Success on Twitter means staying on point. Most successful Twitter users never answer the question prompt, “What are you doing?” Instead, they deliver content to their niche that helps and motivates others to spread the message. So, ask yourself: What kind of information will best help your marketing goals if it’s released via Twitter?

  • One of the biggest road blocks facing small businesses when addressing social media is the question of return on investment. With so little time devote to what’s crying out to be done, adding something else or something new like social media can feel like a real burden. Sometimes the only way to rationalize and prioritize something new is to understand the benefits in relation to everything else your doing and take a new view based on that understanding.

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