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links for 2010-03-12

  • In large organizations, convincing your boss or department or project to use Drupal can sometimes be met with resistance. This following table has been instrumental in convincing decision makers regarding why Drupal (and by extension open source) is leaps and bounds better than proprietary content management systems (CMSs).
  • Article Highlights:

    * Scaling your social media efforts takes a steady focus on sticking to an operational plan
    * Unaddressed customer problems can be a nightmare for your brand, especially in a medium that spawns the level of public interaction that social does
    * The best brands use social media as a conversation device where information and opinions are exchanged willingly and openly

    By now, most of us know of dozens of brands that are successfully leveraging social media. We've read the stories and reviewed the case studies on some of the more successful efforts. What we see in such examples is an end result of a very well thought out strategy. But how did these brands start out in social media? More importantly, how did they scale to the level of success they now enjoy?

  • "Although trends don’t start and stop on January 1st, there is a definite shift from what we craved at the beginning of the year to what we are seeking tutorials for at the end of the year. Most of the time, this shift is subtle. It’s a perfection or re-interpretation of a currently hot trend. Trends help us evolve as designers. As we master the skills of design aesthetic, we continue to push forward to what’s next or what needs to be fully discovered.

    Make no mistake about it, you will recognize the ideas behind these trends. Although this list isn’t a drastic departure from what was popular in 2009, it marks different trends that will be expanded upon and made better as a result. As you think of how you will incorporate new trends into your designs, focus on the main idea of each trend. Be encouraged to dabble into these trends so that you become part of the movement."

  • Nowadays the need for an easy way to add interactive charts becomes essential because we are shifting from pc applications to web application. jQuery and other libraries allows to make accessible data visualization in (x)HTML, giving us this needed functionality.

    In this article we are going to present 5 chart libraries that suit different needs from simple charts to high complex charts. Most of them are free for personal and commercial use.


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