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links for 2010-02-27

  • In the quest of becoming a good UI designer, you can come a long way by reading books, attending conferences, formally educating yourself, trying out tutorials, or just experimenting on your own. However, if you want to go into hyper-speed in bettering your UI design skills, the best way to learn is to work with other designers. Find them at your workplace, hire them, or spend time online in the User Experience- or Interaction-Designer world.

    For learning on your own, I have collected a list of various resources that will help you on your way to becoming a good designer. However, before you start, choose your specialty: don’t try to learn everything. Choose your desired skills and branch out from there.

  • This time, I created another text effect based on paper craft. A popup paper craft effect such as those found on kids books. The process is fairly simple. A couple of gradient layers and the bending of a shadow is enough to give the basic effect of a paper cut word inserted on a folded paper.

    Hope you like this effect and share your results in the comments section of this post. There is a lot of room for enhancement of this effect by playing with paper textures and brushes.

  • (tags: mac tips)
  • See What's Copied
    Tynt Insight technology tracks what’s being copied off your site and automatically adds a link back to your content with every paste.
    Get More Visits (that's why you might use tynt)
    Sites using Tynt Insight have seen double the amount of visits to individual pages via our automatic attribution link.
  • The new standard doesn't seem to leave room for such creativity by most state workers, who must follow an "acceptable use policy" and only use social media sites "to fulfill the business requirements." Only authorized users can participate, and some sites should be disabled to prevent "unnecessary functionality" such as instant messaging. The agency should curtail or eliminate "web links to other web sites, such as 'friends' " so users won't be led to inappropriate material. Users can only speak on behalf of the state if authorized, and within the scope of that authority, and must identify their names, titles, agencies and contact information.

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