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links for 2010-02-23

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  • Ever read about a new technology or product that instantly makes you think — Wow, just wow! Well that just happened while reading a very interesting announcement from our friends over at Cisco. The announcement describes a unique approach to connecting multiple disperse cloud data centers / infrastructures. (Some refer to this as the InterCloud) Cisco is calling the technique Redundant Arrays of Independent Data centers. The approach uses Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) to extend Layer 2 Ethernet LANs by encapsulating the traffic.

    What really jumped out at me was the statement that "the process of setting up OTV involves only five commands and five minutes of time." Compare that to weeks or months of architecture needed for an MPLS or dark fiber interconnect.

  • I had the good fortune to attend and present at the Gov 2.0 Camp in LA this last weekend put on by Alan Silberberg (@You2Gov) and Lovisa WIlliams (@Lovisatalk). Kudos to both Alan and Lovisa for the great event that they put together. It was an impressive gathering of people and ideas – both in person and online. Attendees included representatives from Microsoft (one of the sponsors), Google, the Kennedy School at Harvard, a Hollywood screenwriter and many, many others. Here the four primary things I came away with.

    It’s about the people. This isn’t a new concept, but one that frequently seems to get lost in the noise about Twitter, Facebook, and other social media tools. Annie over at ReThink wrote a great piece about it here. And to be clear, it is about both the end-user constituents and the people about government. There are people on both ends of the conversation. Yes, one represents and is bound by an institution, but they are still people.

  • Having analyzed the solid number of comments, we’ve revealed the most popular web design trends according to our devoted audience. They are:

    – white space;
    – huge typography;
    – huge images;
    – minimalism;
    – out-of-the-box layouts;
    – change of perspective;
    – and finally elements transparency.

    These web design trends appear to be that important key of users’ attention, carrying on an intrigue feeling to click in. The ones to lose in trends voting are one-page layouts, slideshows, hand-drawn designs, oversized headers and footers, speaking navigation and multi-column layout.

  • A pet peeve should be like a pet theory or a pet story — a tic or fancy that you nurture in your bosom and make your own. You can have a pet peeve about people who mispronounce "mascarpone." But it's odd to use the phrase for off-the-rack gripes that everybody shares. Saying that you have a pet peeve about "thinking outside the box" or "Your call is important to us" is like saying you have a pet theory that you should feed a cold and starve a fever.
  • Two significant and closely related trends in enterprise computing this year are the growth of Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and social computing. By most accounts, both are gaining ground quite rapidly while still not being used for core business functions or mission critical applications in most large firms, at least not yet.

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