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links for 2010-02-09

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  • What is Ksplice Uptrack?
    Ksplice Uptrack is a subscription service that lets you apply 100% of the important kernel security updates released by your Linux vendor without rebooting.
  • It’s the little things that will move Gov 2.0 forward. Little things like pills, or more accurately, Pillbox. Pillbox, an online tool developed by David Hale at the National Library of Medicine, allows anyone to identify pills by their appearance.

    Why is this a big deal? For many reasons. It’s a “prototype,” something not frequently found in government. It requires interagency and industry collaboration. It was developed with a small budget and borrowed resources. It was built using open source technology, and the open source community continues to contribute to its success. For all these reasons and more, Pillbox is a great example of Gov 2.0.

  • I'm especially fond of Gmail Buzz, which adds the power of asymmetric following to email. AWESOME idea. There are many of us for whom email is still our core information console, and our most powerful and reliable vehicle for sharing ideas, links, pictures, and conversations with the people who constitute our real social network. But up till now, we could only share with explicitly specified individuals or groups. Now, we can post messages to be read by anyone. Sergey Brin said that Buzz gives the ability "to post a message without a 'to' line." That's exactly right – something that in retrospect is so brilliantly obvious that it will soon no doubt be emulated by every other cloud-based email system.

    Buzz items can be shared directly in Gmail, but are also pulled in from other social sharing sites, including Twitter, Picasa, YouTube, and Flickr.

  • It started with a politely worded e-mail from our Web agency stating that we received “some negative feedback” on our Facebook page. But what we really got was a lesson in customer service for the social media age.
  • Today, the self-described "mom in chief" is launching Let's Move, a campaign to help other parents deal with a national health crisis she describes in epic terms.

    ON THE WEB: Let's Move public service ads

    The goal: to eliminate childhood obesity in a generation.

    "It's an ambitious goal, but we don't have time to wait," the first lady said in an interview with USA TODAY in her spacious office in the East Wing of the White House. "We've got to stop citing statistics and wringing our hands and feeling guilty, and get going on this issue."


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