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links for 2010-02-05

  • HS is committed to providing open access to its data and information, building public-private partnerships, enhancing communication with its senior leadership, and expanding overall opportunities for citizens’ involvement and interaction.

    How Do I Use Data Sets?

    Two types of data sets are available. Downloads Download are open-format data sets presented in csv, xml or other downloadable formats. InteractiveInteractivedata sets can be manipulated on the Web. You may search by keyword, HHS Agency and/or type. New data sets are being added regularly.

  • Serious efforts are being made to get more typeface choices on the web to enhance web typography. Still, most of us prefer web-safe fonts like: Verdana, Georgia, Times New Roman and Arial. Though choices are limited, yet the number can be increased by exploring other pre-installed fonts. “… font stacks are ultimately design factors, and should be scrutinized as such.”—Nathan Ford, Better CSS font stacks

    Font stacks are prioritized lists of fonts, defined in the CSS font-family attribute, that the browser will cycle through until it finds a font that is installed on the user’s system. —Nathan Ford, Better CSS font stacks

    Baskerville, Garamond and Palatino have already been used a few times to create font-stacks that inspire. But, there are a few other typefaces which haven’t been tried earlier. Code-style font survey revealed some other common fonts installed on Mac and Windows which can used effectively.
    …10 popular typefaces, serif and sans-serif, each from the survey.

  • Mail storage is the organizational conundrum of the early 21st century for many longtime Mac users. On your hard drive, you probably have an e-mail archive literally dating back to the last century, containing a few thousand irreplaceable, keep-forever messages in an ocean of saved detritus. Searching is a pain, but "reorganizing" your archive is a fate worse than death, so you've gamely stuck to your system–until now, when Google Email Uploader for Mac presented a viable alternative.
    (tags: Mac email archive)
  • Websites need continuous improvement. Take just a few minutes to browse around and you will undoubtedly discover sites looking old, obsolete and most importantly–lacking in useful content.

    Before you embark on recreating your website redesign vision in the New Year, keep in mind that a website redesign project involves changing and enhancing several components of your website including changing navigation structure, adding new content and functionality, in addition to design modifications. Your visual presence on the web should always accurately reflect your company’s image and personality, as well as be consistent with any print or offline collateral your organization may utilize. If you're considering redesigning your company's website in 2010, here's a quick checklist to make sure you're on the right track


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