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links for 2010-02-03

  • As I continue to research and write my upcoming book on wikis, I keep hearing one word over and over again. That word is "BUT" (complete with all-caps), as in, "I would like to use a wiki, BUT…" or "We tried using a wiki, BUT…"

    What follows is usually an excuse for why the speaker feels that a wiki isn't a worthwhile tool for collaboration in his or her environment. I use the word "excuse" deliberately, because rarely does anyone articulate an actual business reason, such as a lack of need. When I ask deeper questions, I invariably find that the objection isn't to the wiki technology itself, but instead to the concept of collaborative authoring and a perceived loss of control over the content.

  • RealVideo Links To Be Retired on March 1, 2010

    Due to lack of demand for the RealVideo format, we will be retiring our links to C-SPAN live video streams in the RealVideo format effective March 1, 2010.

  • In a world where Twitter matters and Facebook rules, choosing which other online social networks to join is an important and often confusing decision. Sometimes the universality and interconnectedness of one needs to be supplemented with the exclusivity and privacy of another, and with new social networks popping up on the daily, it can be hard to know which choice is best. That's why we here at OhMyGov! seek to aid you in the decision process: we've joined, perused and ranked the top government social networking sites because, quite frankly, we want (and expect) only the best for our readers.
  • In the last year I've been involved in two open data projects, Open New Zealand and data.govt.nz. I believe in learning from experience and I've seen some signs recently that other projects might benefit from my experience, so this post is a recap of what I've learned. It's the byproduct of a summer reflection on my last nine months working in open data.

    Technologists like to focus on technology, and I'm as guilty of that as the next person. When Open New Zealand started, we rushed straight to the "catalogue". I was part of a smart group of top-notch web hackers–we know what a catalogue is, it's a web-based database and let's figure out the UI flow and which fields do we want and hey I can hack one up in WordPress and I'll work on the hosting and so on. We spent more time worrying about CSS than we did worrying about the users.

  • Over the past couple years the Facebook Pages and Groups products have moved closer together, forcing marketers to ask themselves: which one should they use? After writing a complete guide to Facebook Pages, we thought it would be useful to highlight the core differences between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. If you had any lingering questions, this guide should completely clear things up for you!

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