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links for 2010-01-11

  • "Often when a website is redesigned, the switch will be made from vertical to horizontal navigation, but rarely does it occur the other way around." — Louis Lazaris…Smashing Magazine, January 11th, 2010 …designers and architects are increasingly creating user experiences focused so strongly on content that navigation starts to become indistinguishable from content. This type of seamless experience is more effectively created when a horizontal navigation bar is used because horizontal navigation does not intrude on the content area and it’s still easily accessible visually and otherwise. More often than not, a horizontal navigation bar will be a clean, effective, and user-friendly choice that can help a site reach its goals without hindrance to the user experience.
  • Terrill Thompson is technology accessibility specialist with the University of Washington, web developer, musician, outdoor adventurer, and seeker of truth.
  • As designers, we all have been influenced in some way by Apple, whether it be their brilliant OS, stunning industrial innovation, or the trends they have started in web/application design. Apple focuses a lot on usability. This can be seen in their products, and Apple.com. It is important for Apple.com to be a usable site, because it leaves a good impression on users, and they will therefore be more likely to buy products from Apple.

    A lot can be learned from Apple.com, so I will use the website as a case-study to go over some of the most important usability techniques in web design. Whether or not you like Apple.com is your own opinion, but there are still a number of important usability principles on which it is based.

  • "A few weeks ago I finally realized my old wish: I bought a real camera for me: a Nikon D40 – which is, according to many, many people, is the best DSLR out there. At least for non-professionals.
    With just a few pictures it was already possible to note the difference – I could not ever EVER got close to those pictures with all my previous cameras (like Nokia N95 and Sony CyberShot W90)"
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